March 6, 2015 – Dark Man

March 6th, 2015


The first dream scenes involved a few of my favorite characters of the TV series The Vampire Diaries. At some point the dream changed into something very dark. Suddenly one of the characters disappeared and we were searching for her. When we finally found out what happened I picked up something that looked like an egg without shell and out of it grew a thing something that was not what it seemed to be. Something happened to the character that went missing. She was talking to me and I was sad when I found out about it. Somebody said that I need to pull her out of this strange shell thing. But I could not do it… I knew it would destroy her completely. So somebody else pulled her and it was true, she died right afterwards. Suddenly I had he urge to tell the other ones to go back because I had the feeling that her physical body also disappeared in the moment this little  worm like thing died… So we could not find her anywhere, she was completely gone.

A few minutes later into that dream it still continued, like a movie. Suddenly we got the message that another character disappeared… The whole scene evolved around finding him, but we never did…Then the dream shifted.

I was at the home in Germany, were I was born. I remember standing at the window, looking outside. And I saw this dark truck kind of car standing in front of our house. I had the bad feeling that the guy who got out of this car was the reason of the disappearing of the other characters. Suddenly my father (who died 2013) came out of the garden and wanted to do something with his car.

This man with his dark energy cam towards my father and I got scared… I went outside of the house and called for my father to come inside. But the man said something that I still remember now, he said: “You gave your permission to come with our spaceship. And I came for you.” I remember that I convinced my father to run back into the garden and close the gate.

I run back inside and slammed the door to close, I went into the kitchen and turned around but the door opened again and before I could reach it to close it again, the man came inside the house. His appearance then was completely different… Suddenly there were also two of my childhood friends inside my house and I remember standing up in front of this guy, because I wanted him to leave and let us alone. Not to harm anybody in the house. I remember the feeling standing in front of him and looking into his stinging blue eyes! He had short brown hair and his appearance was very threatening but I stood up in front of him and did not move.

At some point the dream shifted once again and the guy went outside to get something from his truck to come back. I took this chance to dial 911 to call the police, I remember dialing it, but the answer came from my husband. I was surprised and told him about the man and that HE needs to call the police before he can hurt us. I described my husband the appearance of this man and to my surprise I did not describe the man that was with me before. I described the man that I saw outside at the car. The one who said the thing about the permission and the spaceship…

I told my husband that this guy is wearing a black jacket, has dark brown shoulder long hair and his skin is slightly browned. His appearance could have been some kind of a mix between Mexican and Chinese. Not easy to describe… He had this harsh facials and I never saw this man ever before. But he ha such a dark energy, that I knew he was the one who was responsible for the disappearance and death of the other characters.This dream seemed to continue, and continue like a big movie. It seemed so real and yet unreal, because it did not make any sense that suddenly these two friends from my past were inside my house and that the man who came inside looked completely different than the one I reported to the police.I also remembered that the police actually came, but the last part of the dream is not so deeply in my memory as the rest of it…

I wonder what this dream tried to tell me. Because it was not a normal dream that’s for sure. But I also did not control it. Because if that was the case I could have acted in a few moments. But I just did what the dream dictated. So it was probably not a lucid dream. Some kind of a message maybe.

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