February 26, 2015 – OBE journal

February 26th, 2015

Last night I had the chance of OBE during the fact that on Thursdays my husband and I sleep in different rooms. He needs space once a week for himself and I grant him this wish. So I tried again to attempt an OBE.

I have a few things that I can write down here. Because a lot happened. I first started relaxing as always, and I have to say that it becomes easier each day that I try to relax completely. After some while I just focus on my third eye. I tried Adam’s technique of visualizing myself standing in another room and interacting with objects. Very fast I was drifting off and the pictures started taking on their own life, like I did things that I did not even try to visualize, in that moment once again I had the sensation of a slight electric shock inside my brain with a huge white flashing light in front of me.

Then out of the sudden I felt that on my left side the hair lifted itself up from the ear. It actually really felt like something touched my hair and stroke above it a few times. This was accompanied with a clicking or cracking noise coming from my left ear!
I started again to drift off.

Suddenly I heard very clearly with an electric undertone my name Tanja being said. I did realize that and started listening and communicating. I said in my mind “I heard my name being said, who are you?” But this was the only moment I heard the voice. Is was neither male nor female, not sure exactly. It could have been my own voice, but because of the electric nature of it I didn’t really knew who’s voice I just heard.

I again relaxed deeper and started seeing the purple swirls in front of me which started going in waves now. It seemed as if the light got washed from the right side to the left in front of my eyes, always with a black bar that swished through the purple light swirls. This moment I felt very relaxed no uncomfortable feelings this time, just a heaviness inside me and I realized my breath deepened. I tried to move, first with my arms and then with my legs, I also tried to do swinging motions in combination with visualizing my body wiggling out of my physical body. Sometimes it felt as if I wanted to actually move my physical arms, it felt heavy and I felt that my fingers of the left hand were lifting off the bed surface. But this moment I realized that I just lifted my physical hand, otherwise I would not have felt that I lifted the hand from the bed surface??? I tried it with whipping, with rolling, with just lifting and sit up… But I could not leave my physical body.

I tried it really for a long time, but all I was aware of was lying on my bed trying to lift something that I have no idea how to lift.

Analyze: Something is holding my energy body back into the body and it has such a strong grip on me that I feel the struggle when I only try to move one arm. Need to try this approach more times to see if it changes.


I had no dreams whatsoever, or none that I can remember, but I do remember that after all these attempts of getting out of the body, that I suddenly heard a flute like tone on my left ear. The moment the tone was gone I suddenly saw one of these visual visions. And of course I forgot what Casey told me to say to them what I see…. Again I was just fascinated by the vision and tried to hold it as long as possible. This time it was a white page and I could see a lot of mixed letters throughout the page, all of what did not make any sense to me. It were many letters mixed on this page, but I could not remember any of them. I saw X, 0 and many more letter combinations. and the fact that the picture or vision came in after I heard the flute like tone makes me think, if these tones are actually transmissions! Because I also heard the clicking before that!

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