February 25, 2015 – OBE journal

February 25th, 2015

I tried to reach my very first OBE (Out of Body Experience). Completely with the mind set to this experience and the intent of having it for the first time. I repeated many times I am fearless and nothing will harm me. Whatever happens I will remember it.
After that I lay down on my back and tucked myself underneath the blanket. I relaxed my body and rested my hands on top of my abdomen. As the elbows tend to arch in a weird pulse. Which could be Kundalini related, as this pulse and stinging pain I can feel sometimes while awake inside my head. It’s a pulse and each pulse hurts and sends a stinging pain in that area that is being worked on. It happened 2 days ago and so I decided to just rest the hands on top of my abdomen instead of beside of my body.

Then I focused on my breath the moment I felt relaxed I put all my attention and awareness in the Third eye area. As usual I started seeing the red haze and swirls of purple or pink light. Sometimes mixed with golden swirls that seem to form something in front of me…

At some point I began to feel that I could not tell anymore if my hands are actually on my body or beside my body and I took it as a good sign. Further in this relaxation I began to feel a certain heaviness coming over my body and crawling very slowly through the chest, which brought on a feeling of heart massage or little buzzing inside the chest. Sooner or later I felt a sucking motion from my third eye and my forehead felt like a pressure chamber. I started feeling a slight vibration coming from the forehead, I used this vibrational feeling to first try to visualize myself standing beside the bed for some time, but nothing happened. Then I started consciously to move left and right without actually moving, but the only thing that happened was that my left arm suddenly jerked up. I rested a little while to gain that relaxation back from before. The moment I thought it was okay to try again I tried again to swing left and right and visualized myself falling out of bed, but nothing happened… then my right leg started jerking and actually hit the bed, I heard it.

After a while I knew it wouldn’t happen tonight and out of a sudden even though I did not feel where my hands were lying at that moment, I started feeling this pulse and stinging pain directly in both elbows… So despite being heavy etc. I just moved to the right side and kept my eyes closed. I fell asleep.


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